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History and Origin:

   Tuten Insurance Services was founded in October of 1997 by Walter A. Tuten, Jr., who for the past 35 years was employed in the property and casualty insurance industry until his retirement in the fall of 1997 from CNA. He began his claims career with Crawford and Company in 1965 and has served the industry in multiple facets over the past 35 years. His biographical career path, which covers claims supervision, personnel supervision and various facets of account management, risk management and customer service can be seen in the "Biographical Information" on this website by pointing to that section.

Mission: A Quality Claims Product at Reasonable and Competitive Rates

   While the insurance industry has become highly automated in various sectors of the business, Mr. Tuten saw a need that was not being met by the advent of this high-level technology within the leading independent companies and the insurance industry as a whole. Also these same companies, in order to further decrease operating expenses, were moving toward the concept of an "inside claims" staff. While claims processing systems were commonplace and afforded a company certain operating efficiencies of scale for the majority of claims, he saw there existed a void in the area of a quality claims product at reasonable and competitive rates where some outside assistance was needed. It is in this area where Tuten Insurance views that outside assistance by qualified seasoned professionals, well versed in the Worker's Compensation and the various liability laws of the individual states, is needed. You can point to the Territory section for states served.

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